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Progress in Clinical the Experimental Angiology Polish Angiological Conference 2002


Advances in vascular medicine and technology make the organization of interdisciplinary conferences for exchange of knowledge and experience necessary. Vascular disease in the various clinical forms is a leading mortality cause in Europe. The international society tasks in prevention, early diagnosis and therapy should be overworked to improve the life quality and reduce the health-care costs. Integration of highly specialised healthcare in cardiology, neurology, vascular surgery etc. is a domain of angelology. It results in the holistic patient care with an interdisciplinary approach. Introducing the international guidelines in venous thromboembolic and peripheral vascular disease in candidate countries will improve the patient care and help to integrate the uniform European standards. Popularising them among physicians and general public will decrease overall mortality rate and uniform the pre-accession and EU countries healthcare level.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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