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Seminar : "urban and peri-urban agriculture in economies in transition"


CEE researchers, policymakers & planners (target group) lack awareness of urban & peril-urban agriculture(UPA) as a rapidly growing sector with important potentials for food security, nutrition & income; small enterprise development; greening & waste recycling but also with environment & health risks. A UP seminar is thus proposed(Sofia, 2002). Objectives: 1.Facilitate UPA integration inurbane research, policies & plans; 2. Strengthen cooperation among researchers, policymakers & other CEE UPA stakeholders. Results: 1.UPA on local city authorities & research institutes agendas as decision makers grow aware of beneficial environment, health & income contributions 2.Global cooperation, research & action projects applying a multi-sect oral & participatory approach. SWAPUA(IC15CT980109)offers a sound basis: since Jan. 1999 it's generated information on UPA presence & impacts in 10 cities of 5 CEE/NIS countries.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Alabin 22
1000 Sofia