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Prevention of land degradation in the aral sea region undergoing disastrous desertification by increasing tolerance of symbiotic nitrogen fixation (snf) to salinity


Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan form a cost of the Aral Sea, which is one of the Earth's greatest human-produced ecological disasters occurred in Central Asia. Intensive-over-usage of water in arid areas was followed by dramatic desertification, loss of plant cover, soil erosion and salinity. Combining new methodologies and recent advances in symbiotic nitrogen fixation (SNF), the project will focused on the selection of several rhizobia-legume (Medicago, Meliotus and Galega) symbioses tolerant tosalinity and beneficial for sustainable agriculture in saline soils. By planting legumes, which form deep root system, it will be Possible to cease the soil erosion, to enrich soils by fixed atmospheric nitrogen, to develop legume pastures and through that increase crop productivity and finally to demonstrate to Central Asian people advantages of bio-strategy to maintain sustainable agricultural development in those marginal lands


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