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Satellite hydrographic monitoring and assessment of environmental trends along the russian arctic coast


In this project the full potential of satellite remote sensing for coastal hydrographical monitoring In the Western Russian Arctic (WeRA) shall be evaluated and utilised. The goal is to support natural exploration, maritime operations and environmental protection with reliable up-to-date hydro graphic information in the form of a regional coastal reference database (RECORD). Emphasis is put on regional and local studies of hydro graphic regime, spatial changes of coastlines and environmental trends in the Barents and Kara seas. Specific questions related to pale geography, glaciology, geology, oceanology, coastal topography and geodesy will be considered as well. Results will be verified by using ground control and ground-truth data as well as by comparison with results achieved by other investigators.
Deliverable No. Deliverable title.
1.General concept of satellite hydrographic monitoring in the WeRA (Deliverable 1).
2.Basic Data Set, criteria for data selection (Deliverable 2).
3.Methodology of data processing (Deliverables 3 & 4).
4.ARCTUR administrative software and databank - software pack for data processing, archiving and distributing (Deliverable 5).
5. Stereophotogrammetric, interferometric and numerical models of coastal areas and processes in the WeRA (Deliverables 6 & 7).
6. Hydrographic regime in the WeRA: present and future (Deliverables 8 & 10).
7. Main results from field surveys and observations (Deliverable 9).
8. Satellite image maps of the WeRA (Deliverables 11, 12, 14). 10. Inventory of ice shores in the WeRA (Deliverable 13).
11. Summary documents on navigational and ecological aspects of coastal changes in the WeRA (Deliverable 15).
12. Regional coastal reference database RECORD (Deliverable 16).
13. Letters of intention from actual and potential users (Deliverable 17).
14. Intermediate and final technical reports (Deliverable 18).
15. The TIP.


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