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International conference on micropaleontology, microbiology and meiobenthology (EMMM2002)


Proposal aim is to obtain support for the participation of NIS and CEEC scientists to the International Conference on Environmental Micropaleontology, Microbiology and Meiobenthology (EMMM2002) . The Conference will be held in Vienna, from 1 to 6 September 2002 and will focus on the application of micro- and meio- organisms to solve environmental problems. During the Conference, scientists with geological, biological and agricultural backgrounds will exchange their knowledge on the "Environment", discuss and learn from each other the most innovative environmental technologies for the benefit of human health and nature conservation. It will be the framework to develop a cooperation network involving developing and emerging countries. It is expected to have strong impact on the scientific community and decision-makers.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures



1010 Wien