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Human immunity to schistosomiasis: antigens, mechanisms and the influence of treatment.


In the context of treatment/reinfection studies in fishing communities on Lake Albert, Uganda, the objectives of this proposal are to identify and characterise:Cellular immune and serological correlates of human immunity to schistosomiasis in a high transmission area where reduced adult exposure to infection does not confound age-dependent immunity.[b] parasite antigens that are targets for immune responses that correlate with immunity, with emphasis on IgE inducing recombinant tegumental Ags.[c] human responses against tegument/tegument-secreted molecules that are vital for parasite physiology and thus constitute rational targets for vaccine immunity.[d]Th2-cytokine mediated effectors mechanisms which correlate with human immunity and factors controlling their expression.[e]immunomodulating effect of anti-schistosome chemotherapy, in relation to introduction of protective human responses and potential effect on anti-schistosome vaccination.


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