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The identification, incidence and control of sweet potato viruses in east and south africa and assessment of host plant resistance for sustainable development


Sweet potato is a major staple food in Africa. The proposed work surveys sweet potato crops in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa using methods which seek both known and unknown viruses. Novel viruses and variants of known viruses will be identified and characterised and diagnostic methods will be developed. The yield effects and symptoms of each virus on local Ugandan, Kenyan and South African sweet potato varieties will be recorded; resistance will be sought. The impact of virus disease on the livelihoods of farmers and the potential role of resistance will be assessed. Sweet potato chlorite stunt, common in Africa, is unusual in that it breaks resistance of sweet potato to at least two other important viruses; the molecular basis and range of this synergism will be elucidated. Training toped level will be provided to 3 African students and links UK, German, Swedish, Kenyan, Ugandan and S African institutes.


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