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Policy research to identify conditions for optimal functioning of the senegal river ecosystem in mali, mauritania and senegal


In the Senegal river in West Africa ecological conditions have changed dramatically due to the construction of two major dams. As a result, dense stands of aquatic weeds have developed which cut off entire villages from open water. This dense vegetation interferes with fishing and brings about an increase in granivorous birds and water-borne diseases. So far, water management has mainly been focussed on irrigation of agricultural fields on the former floodplains, without taking into consideration other interests of the local population, such as fishing, vegetable growing, cattle breeding and human health. The proposed action aims at water management policy which optimally takes into consideration the different effects on the environment, also in relation to hydropower and navigability, governmental objectives yet to be implemented. Prevention of water hyacinth spreading into the Senegal River will also be included.


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