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Developing know-how for the improvement and sustainable management of teak genetic resources.


Knowledge of genetic diversity and gene flow are essential for understanding population dynamics and drafting guidelines for conservation of bioresources. Teak, one of the most important tropical timber species has been logged from natural forests at unsustainable levels. In order to formulate a strategy to manage genetic diversity across its native range within Asia, this study will:
1 use phylogenetically informative DNA markers to propose conservation units by examining relationships between disjunctive populations, historical colonisation pathways and genetic diversity hot spots;
2 examine nuclear variation among natural and exploited populations to establish the impact of breeding system and disturbance on genetic diversity structure and propose extraction procedures that maintain diversity;
3 measure contemporary gene flow and identify insect vectors to propose planting designs that maximise seed set and regeneration potential.


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Bush estate, midlothian
EH26 0QB Penicuik
United Kingdom

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