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Nitrogen fixation in agriculture and the environment: complementary research between the eu and developing countries


40 young researchers from the EU & developing countries will be invited to the 5th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference being held in Norwich, UK, on 6-10 September 2002. Half will be from EU-funded projects and the rest from EU target areas, selected by open competition. This will enlarge the community of researchers in nitrogen fixation from developing countries and will also address the interests of European scientists pursuing research in low input agriculture. To meet their particular needs, emphasis will be placed on the legume/rhizobial symbiosis. A special oral and poster session at the Conference will allow the selected participants to present their results, abstracts of which will be included in the Conference booklet. A novel feature will be a workshop to set up a website to enable exchange of data, methods & other information which will be linked to the Commission and other major organisations such as FAG and Cigars.


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