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EUROPE MMM project will demonstrate the joint development of multimedia materials among authors, publishers, and repackagers/educators, and their customised supply to users. Guidelines for use of existing packages will enable the creation, reuse and readaptation of material, and descriptions and capabilities of common tools will also be available. There will be recommendations for standards in development methods, as well as for appropriate publishing licences, procedures and skills. The project is expected to result in increased access to commercially published multimedia educational material and more flexible purchasing options.

The key objective of this project is flexibility: for the end customer for receipt of multi-media works; for the telecommunications carrier for delivering the product; for the publisher in protecting their IPR and recovering their investment; for the author in choice of platforms and repurposing content.

This project will demonstrate the collaborative development of multi-media materials between authors, publishers, and repackagers/educators, and their customised supply to users. This demonstration will be in the creation of multi-media products: in the telematics sector for prototype delivery in Belgium, UK and Germany; and then a full demonstration in Italy.

Guidelines in the effective use of existing packages will be produced to enable authors to collaborate in developing multi-media materials and to enable the creation, reuse and re-purposing of material from a variety of sources. Descriptions and capabilities of commonly used tools with details of file formats and converters for multi-media packaging will be made available to authors and publishers. Recommendations will be proposed for standards in development methods; for the development of licences to publish such material; and for cost-effective procedures and skills needed for commercial publication.

Anticipated Results: Demonstration in use in an educational user-site of a package of multimedia material in a format which will allow customisation by the end-user to fit local needs. The package will consist of a sample set of material and a book detailing guidelines for creation, local network delivery, and customisation.

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