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The aim of WATIS is to develop an interactive self service multimedia information system on employment and vocational training to support the many citizens denied full access to data on EU-wide opportunities in this field. WATIS will provide such information cost-effectively in the appropriate language through different channels regardless of time and place, thereby enhancing EU professional mobility. Adaptable to the technological specifications and legal and other requirements of individual Member States, WATIS will be developed for maximum transferability throughout the EU.

The labour market in the EU is evolving rapidly. Public Employment and Vocational Training Services such as the VDAB concluded that immediate action needs to be undertaken because the existing channels are no longer sufficient to cope with the increasing demands coming from the employers and the job-seekers. This is to the disadvantage of many EU citizens who are denied full access to the available information on employment and vocational training opportunities in their own country but also in other Member States of the EU.

The aim is to develop an interactive self service information system in the area of employment and vocational training with the use of multimedia. WATIS will provide EU citizens easy access to this information, in their own language and through different channels regardless of time and place, and this in a cost-effective way. This will improve job-mobility on a European scale.

Leaving opportunities to adapt the WATIS to the local situation and legal issues concerning privacy and the social legislation in the Member State concerned, the WATIS will be developed in view of maximal transferability to the other Member States of the EU. The possibilities for integration with the local infrastructure and existing (limited) information systems in this area is an imperative for this project.

The WATIS pilot will be building on an existing application, and the 2 year experience gained with this pilot which will give the project a significant head start.

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VDAB (Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service)
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