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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Intermodal Quality


IQ is aimed at analyzing the quality aspects influencing intermodal transport. It will work on the improvement of the interoperability among terminals, interconnectivity and accessibility. The project deals with both the quality of terminals and the quality of network. An intermodal transport quality index , as well as an interactive simulation tool (SIMIQ) will be produced and tested in the market.

1. Quality of terminal: segmentation of the market, assessment of the impact of technological developments, prospective of terminal supply and description of market changes by comparing supply and demand.
2. Quality of the network: description of the services per different sectors, comparison and evaluation of the improvements in the intermodal transport network operations, prospective of new infrastructure investment and estimation of new capacity and description of market changes by comparing supply and demand.
3. Interactions: evaluation of the advantages of a spatial integration of functions, create innovative ways to integrate the different intermodal actors in order to create a professional intermodal offer, determine the effects of technical progress on intermodal quality and accessibility, determine the existing degree of integration of the intermodal transport market.
4. Development and test of an interactive simulation tool (SIMIQ) to analyze the effect of changes in the system on the performance criteria of intermodal transport, The findings of the project, the solutions and the tools d developed in the research will be demonstrated in full scale demonstration activities.
5. Dissemination of the results of the project through interaction with the users and suppliers of intermodal transport in order to reach market acceptance.
6. Presentation of a framework for the implementation of the improvements in the intermodal transport market and industry.

Duisburg (DE), Verona (IT), Madrid (ES) and Barcelona (ES)
IMPULSE and FREIA (Integrated Transport Chains) / Transport strategy programme : intermodality development

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