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Content archived on 2024-05-07

OCTOPUS: Towards distributed heterarchic workflow methods for pro-active tracing of cargo


To solve current communication problems during cargo tracing, the project "OCTOPUS" will create a common and open distributed method for adaptive and pro-active tracing of communication chains and tracking of general cargo through all sections of the logistic chain, from factory to consumer. The project OCTOPUS will thereby focus on the integration of small but flexible 'in-land terminals' who will benefit from the adaptive cargo tracing OCTOPUS servers. Such servers will be installed on a scalable and heterarchic network so that the in-land terminal accessibility and inter-cooperation will be maximally guaranteed.

Each OCTOPUS-platform will have the possibility to contain two interconnected layers:

- layer-1 is an information processing system to process and communicate information to the partners. This information and communication nucleus will provide all necessary information for the partners who want to know who, where, when and how cargo was moved and when cargo was treated

- layer-2 is an identification system for gathering information related to cargo operations. The identification and validation of the cargo and means of transport will be done through development of ETL's = Electronic Labels and Read/Write-Terminals.

The main steps in the OCTOPUS-project are the identification of the workflow; then it will design and develop the heterarchic communication layer and the adaptive identification tools. These two layers will be tested in parallel and afterwards, the integration of the two layers will be validated at different testsites.

Cargo-corridor 1 is related to the Scandinavian-Belgian-France cargo-corridor:
- The "Enso-line": Finland inland - Finland seacoast - Belgium Antwerp - France Rouen
- The "Holmen-line": Sweden inland - Sweden seacoast - Belgium Antwerp - France Lyon

Cargo-corridor 2 is related to Greece-Germany:
- The "Ultra-line": Greece inland producer - Greece seacoast - Germany Frankfurt
COMBICOM project (DG XIII), MULTITRACK project TR 1040 (DG XIII) TRACAR project TR 1059 (DG XIII), BOPCOM project (DG VII), COST-310 (DGVII), PISCES-project (DGVII).

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