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Measurements For The Control Of Textile Membranes


The Mescome project concerned the implementation of a complete and specific measurement system suited to lightweight architecture with fabrics or films. It was in response to a real need of producers of tensile structures, to control tensions in the membrane during erection, to optimise the membrane construction, and to guarantee security during life time of the structure. This would lead to an increase in competitiveness in the area of membrane manufacture with regards to the main market that is outside Europe. Typical aplications would have been stadium type structures (e.g. the UK's Millennium Dome!).

The two project partners were:
- Koch Hightec GmbH Konstruktive Membranen (Germany), which builds architectural membranes for all over the world, is interested in such a system in order to control the quality of membranes produced.
- teXsYs (France), which developed new sensors for soft materials, with a complete data processing system that allows to measure stretches and strains on soft materials during their use in real conditions.

Objectives of this project were to

- validate the use of new sensors, initially developed for competition sails and scientific balloons on tensible membrane structures
- improve a bi-axial machine used for the calculation of material strength: this improvement was necessary in order to bring accurate data (relative to membrane materials) to the measurement system
- study and set up means and methods of measurements,
- test the new measurement methods before diffusion.

The project was stopped by the bankruptcy of Koch Highex Gmbh.

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