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Previous experience has shown that the non-technical factors show the most promising potential for improvement in the innovation process. The project was focussed on the field of European cooperation and European management of innovation production. The basis of PROINNO was the analysis of European Innovation culture, its barriers and its potential resources, which could be optimally exploited so as to maximise European innovation and creativity. The partners represent different national, institutional and professional cultures of organisation and management styles.

The goal of the project was to develop, test and disseminate an integrated set of information and support measures for transnational project teams (case reports, information brochure, computer tool, www-server-pages, workshop designs). These tools would promote the organisational capacity of transnational European project groups and joint ventures to create, exploit and disseminate technological innovations.

The project objectives were:

- the development of workshop conceptions with the objective to improve international project planning, monitoring and evaluating, team building, communication and cooperation in international project groups, the international exploitation of project results and its transfer and dissemination into different national and organisational contexts
- a revised and enlarged brochure (a booklet), and a computer disk to support European project management, cooperation, team building in multi-national and multi-professional project teams
- dissemination of project results and existing tools and measures via the internet.

A series of workshops took place with the following target groups: project coordinators, prospective project coordinators, Pparticipants of innovation projects within the EC's Innovation programme, and members of the European Commission. Workshop concepts developed included:

- 'managing international projects - a workbook introducing experiences, cases, selftests, advice and links', which was published and widely disseminated, also available in German and French
- 'innovation across borders' brochure and disk was developed and disseminated, in a previous project.

Evaluation sheets were also used to assess feedback, which was fed back into the tools for further improvement.

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