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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Dissemination of Environment and Transport Telematics Results and Needs Analysis in Central and Eastern Europe


The project will organise a diffusion event for EU RTD Telematics Application Programme (TAP) results. The conference will be organized as a joint effort of the International Society for Environmental Protection (ISEP), Austria, the Regional Environmental Centre (REC), Hungary, and the Research Centre Karlsruhe (FZK), Germany and shall take place at the REC's conference facility in Szentendre/Hungary.
The immediate objectives of the conference are to:
- present the results of Telematics projects in the fields of environment and transport (transport projects of environmental relevance)
- facilitate the possible uptake of TAP results in CEE
- discuss the needs in CEE for Telematics related technologies and the problems associated with their implementation
- outline existing Telematics initiatives/ success stories in CEE
- introduce the Telematics Applications Programme (TAP) in CEE.
The conference's longer term aim is to pave the way for the involvement of CEE countries in future Telematics RTD calls and to encourage the adoption of Telematics related applications in CEE, thereby assisting the countries of the region to become part of the broader European 'information society'. A secondary objective is to improve the state of the environment and the management of transport by raising the standard of information related activities such as monitoring, mapping, storage and dissemination of environment and transport information.
Presentations at the conference will be published as proceedings and made available on the internet. Furthermore, feedback from conference participants to Telematic issues will be recorded (during roundtable discussion and with an evaluation form). A summary of the evaluation form/roundtable discussion will be produced subsequent to the conference.

Major Validation Sites
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The target group of the conference will consist primarily of environmental and transport experts: government and local authority (LA) decision makers, monitoring and technical experts, businesses, and academia.

Organisation of a conference; dissemination of conference proceedings in hardcopy and online (Internet).

Expected Benefits
In the longer-term, citizens will benefit from the development and implementation of Telematics-like information systems and the improved availability of environment and transport related information. In the short term, the awareness of CEE environmental stakeholders will be raised to Telematics activities and results.
Improved awareness of EU TAP, projects and results in the fields of Transport and Environment. An opportunity to network and a forum for critical evaluation of needs for Telematics in CEE. Improved understanding of opportunities for CEE participation in the TAP.
The conference will offer the chance to explore opportunities for the adoption and implementation of Environment and Transport Telematics applications in CEE.

Contribution to EU Policies
By promoting technological know-how and generating knowledge about actual needs for Transport and Environment Telematics in CEE, the conference will facilitate the EU accession process.

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