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Content archived on 2019-03-15

Kids'.TV Multimedia Information Network


KIDS.TV.MINE project aims at developing a multimedia information system of paneuropean dimensions for the children's TV industry and electronic commerce. It will be an innovative tool for the observation of the specific market. The target users are primarily the TV production SMEs, which, by expanding to the electronic commerce, will ameliorate their position in the market and the quality of their work and as a consequence, they will improve their competitiveness. The user population includes independent audiovisual professionals, producers, broadcasters, distributors, researchers and media policy makers in each country. The content of the end product will consist of information on children's TV programmes, including short video extracts and on co-productions realised in European countries. Furthermore, a directory of professionals, active in the children's television sector, will be included. In addition, information on the existing distribution potential of children's TV programmes as well as academic research and publications on the topic "Child and Media" will also be incorporated. The system will involve a central multimedia database, located in Greece. Annual CD-ROM editions will be published, including grouped information (awarded programmes, co-productions in Europe e.t.c.). The access to the central database will be realised via international electronic networks (Internet / WWW) and there will be a subscription fee for the professional users. The service will be of an interactive type, since the users can also be providers of information. The benefits for the users focus on an increase in competitiveness, on much greater choice with regard to sales and marketing channels, on the introduction of simple software tools for product search, on programmes' promotion, on an improvement in marketing, on the potential of collaborations and co-productions whose audiovisual end product will be of truly European dimensions. With regard to the politics, SMEs will be in a position to schedule their participation in the production process, determine their active role in the international scene and make strategic business choices. The television stations will have a broader spectrum on television production in order to select the programmes which will cover their programming.


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