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Control and Optimisation for the Russian Electrical Power Network


The main objective of the project is to demonstrate the suitability and effectiveness of parallel computing platforms (hardware and software) for the simulation, optimisation and control of the Russian Electrical Power Network, the total capacity of which exceeds 210000 MW with transmissions lines over long distances working on 500 kV and on 1150 kV.

Traditional sequential software for controlling the whole electric network, as well as its subsystems, has to be modified according to new economic optimisation objectives as well as to parallel computing platforms in order to solve the optimisation problems, some of which are dealing with real time control, with specific requirements concerning accuracy and computing time restrictions.
ALEXEN is investigating new approaches for control and optimisation problems in the power systems that are based on new computing facilities. These approaches are intended to be used in the future by the Central Dispatch Control Department of the United Russian Electric Power System. Currently, the calculations are performed on standard computing platforms, PCs and Workstations. Considering the tremendous number of parameters and variables to be taken into account, a switch to high performance parallel computing platforms is a basic condition for a real improvement of the Power Network control.

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