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Multimedia Authoring Environments for Children


The main objective of the project is to develop a multimedia authoring tool for children. A direct result of this research effort will be to establish a communication channel between the student, the teacher and the developer that will eventually lead to their active involvement as designers and users.

More specifically, the project will deliver :
- MATCh, a multimedia authoring tool especially designed for children;
- three multimedia applications developed with MATCh, that will serve as system testbeds;
- user manual and accompanying system documentation;
- a report on how children adapt to the usage of new technologies.

The Incremental Prototyping methodology will be used for system development. One prototype version of the system will be delivered in order to refine initial specifications by developing three multimedia applications; then the final system version will be implemented.

To further enhance the initial research and development efforts the features of the existing Logo-like environment will be extended to incorporate the following additional features:

Multimedia Authoring for children: many facilities which will enable children to use multimedia resources and develop application using visual and drag and drop facilities (e.g. sound, music, image, story editors, etc.).

WWW Authoring for children: facilities which will enable children to navigate the Internet and develop WWW pages.

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