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INTElligence on economic and technological opportunities for SMEs through Networked Service on Energy


The INTENSE project will be targeted at involving (300) SMEs in 6 EU countries (France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain) to consider technology transfer and development opportunities through the EU RTD Programmes. SMEs generally have limited capacity to dedicate time to the analysis of technology transfer opportunities and the setting up of (international) RT&D projects. INTENSE will set-up an innovative range of services to provide such capacity; knowledge transfer on market and energy technology trends through e.g. 6 workshops, dedicated technology audits (74) and pro-active assistance to SMEs for partner search and RTD proposal development (37). The final objective is to realise SME (co-operative) R&TD projects that contribute to substantially higher energy efficiency in European industry. The consortium (6 experienced consulting firms) will be backed by the NCPs and several European Research Centres specialised in Energy Technology.


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PNO Breda B.V.
Bijster 19
4817 HZ Breda

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