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Innovative start-up support in trilateral region Slovakia-Austria-Hungary


Project intends to develop specific package of services focused to innovative companies with cross-boarder ambitions.
The classical set-of services as business planning, financial planning, logistical support, networking, marketing support will be added by specific tools for companies aiming to develop their activities in this tri-lateral boarder region.
The set of package will be form to a virtual incubator and will be placed on web page, but sustainable part of services to innovative companies will be provided by experts in three participating institutions.

Specific results expected at the end of the project lifetime:
Following results and outcomes are expected at the end of the project;
- Sustainable package of services for innovative companies with cross-boarder ambitions;
- This package tested on 15 companies from the region (5 from each country);
- Methodology for multiplication of this experience in other countries with following specific features;
- multilateral region;
- region with the boarder of EU members and newly associated countries;
- region of certain capacity for innovation development.


BIC Bratislava
Zochova 5
SK-811 03 Bratislava

Participants (2)

BIC Burgenland
Innostart Budapest