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Validation of Mechanism for stimulating the establishment of Innovative firms at Regional Level


In order to create innovative firms in regions the mechanism has the following steps:
Contacts with sources of innovative ideas, like researchers in universities, technological centres, technological schools, will be established in order to encourage them to participate in the programme.
Awareness meeting: The previous identified and contact innovative-ideas sources will be invited to these events plus people who come attracted by the public advertisement. The objective of these meeting is to inform and make the people interested aware about the potentially advantages of the setting up of innovative firms with technological basis. The call for tenders will be introduce.
Training seminars. People who show a clear interest an being involves in the setting up of a new firm and who are able to provide a business idea for this purposed will participate in these seminars. They will be based in the basic knowledge need to create a firm.
Call for tender. Submission of proposal. Evaluation of proposal. A call for tender will be published. With the eligible proposals the jury will carry out the first selection of the received projects, in accordance with selection parameters.
Three ideas selected in each region. Diffusion of results. The three selected ideas will be awarded the diploma in a public act.
Creation of one new firm per region: Specialised staff will help the winner proposal to develop his ideas and progress in the different steps to create a new firm.
Proposal for new aid lines: New financial support which are not covered by the existing aids will be designed in order to cover those needs. One proposal new aid line will be developed for each region.

Results expected:
- To validate a regional mechanism for stimulating the sources of innovative ideas;
- To provide the participant regional administrations with a mechanism that allows them to facilitate the setting up and development of innovative firms;
- To select a minimum of three innovative ideas per region, that can be the origin of the setting up of at least a New Technology Based Firm by region;
- In general terms, to motivate the sources of innovative ideas (universities, technological centres and R&D departments of firms) to industrialise these innovative ideas and to set up new firms;
- To promote the results of the project in order to achieve a high level of motivation among a wide range of sources of innovative ideas along Europe.


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