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Most appropriate set of tools to allow technological advisers to better support TBF project holder in their seeking of private financial backing


PRO-BACK is a 5 partners project aiming at enhancing regionally the access of technology based new potential firms to private funding. The Project is based on the training-to-business of technological advisers which are considered to be able to become the best interface between the project holders and the potential private investors: business angels or venture capitalists.
An important training program will be adapted by the consortium by compiling every partners expertise in complementary fields: business plan writing, project presentation, communicate with private investors.

The three main project actions are:
- Organising the Business training;
- Implementation of tools to train technological advisers to business elaboration. This will allow technological advisers to identify good TBF project holders and help them to present their project.
Creating the Business Angels database:
- Elaboration of tools to communicate with potential private investors.
By the other hand, we will learn out to create a data base of private investors.
Organising the Financial meeting:
At the end, a first meeting between the 2 parts will be organised.
The overall purpose of the project being the elaboration of a transferable kit able to help other small regions to develop their own local venture capital market.

By the end of the project the results will be of four types:
- The technological advisers must get an new expertise in business things;
- Regional TBF projects must be identified and presented to a selection of potential private investors;
- An address book of potential private investors must be created locally;
- Some investments in TBF companies must be made.%


18 Place De La Gare


Participants (4)

IAT Andalusian Institute of Technology
IPS Strategies
TTZ Bremerhaven
Thessaloniki Technology Park