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StartUp to Europe


The project StartUp to Europe is based on a co-operation contract between the 3 Business and Innovation Centres existing since 1992 and extended in 1999. The clients of the project partners, the innovative start-ups are forced to the development of the European market due to their specialization. The Euro-regions are a very good area to create pilot activities. To supply innovative start ups and to provide them an infrastructure adapted to their needs is one of the aims of the project. Others are education and training facilities and to transfer know how in realizing innovative contacts within the European Union. Principal purpose of the project StartUp to Europe is the mechanism of a transnational start up network for the realization of co-operations between innovative start ups in the Euro-region Lorraine, Luxembourg and Rhineland-Palatinate. As an expected result, 18 transnational co-operations between start-ups should be initiated. The experiences of the project are summarized in a manual and published European-wide.


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