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Gate2Growth Finance Academia network for academics in entrepreneurship, innovation and finance


Gate2Growth Finance Academia aims at building and supporting a truly open pan-European network of academics, researchers and scholars in the fields of entrepreneurship, innovation and/or finance. By creating this network of excellence the general objective is to develop a European entity of relevance for its subject in terms of its coverage of the potential population of actors, including universities, business schools and other research centres. Hence, to become the European number one reference for state-of-the-art academic research and teaching in these themes.

The Gate2Growth Finance Academia network's primary actions include:
- to carry forward the integration on a pan-European level of applied and fundamental research and teaching practices in the central project themes;
- to support the exchange and mobility of junior and senior academics, researchers and scholars in these fields;
- to disseminate breakthrough research and teaching methodologies and best practices, case studies as well as a broad diversity of applied and fundamental research output to a wider research, policy and business audience. In the long run, this will enable the network to become the reference in Europe for the support, generation and dissemination of academic research and teaching at the cross-links of entrepreneurship, innovation and finance and to become a prime partner for the EC to actively formulate policy guidelines based on the translation of the more fundamental research findings into practical insights and policy recommendations.

Work plan description:
WP1: Networking with other academics, researchers and scholars in entrepreneurship, innovation and finance;
WP2: Annual Doctoral Track;
WP3: Researcher Exchange and Mobility;
WP4: European Case Study writing;
WP5: Best Paper Award competitionWP6: Research dissemination.


Gate2Growth Academic Network- EIASM
Place De Brouckèreplein
311000 Brussels