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The Gate2Financing project is to be carried out in the framework of the specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration on promotion of innovation and encouragement of SME participation.

WP1 - Web portal development and maintenance;
WP2 - Outbound Activities;
WP3 - Cross network events;
WP4 - Contract management and co-ordination.

Gate2Financing proposes to build communication and support for the four thematic networks to be established under the action "access to private innovation financing and tools for better knowledge exploitation", by providing a home site for each network that can be used by the thematic network co-ordinators and the members for communication. The first innovative characteristic of the approach is to embed these thematic home sites in an integrated web portal, which contains information of interest to entrepreneurs and thematic network members alike. This portal consists of an online toolbox for business project preparation and business plan diagnostic, an interactive area with discussion forums, industry news, contact and event lists and an online bourse/matching service for technology projects. In this way, not only the needs of the members of the thematic networks, but also the needs of the clients/ portfolio companies of the network members are being served. The second innovative characteristic is to combine the online web portal with outbound activities, designed to foster interaction and creation of a community.


University of Antwerp Management School
Prinsstraat 13
B-2000 Antwerp