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I-TecNet network of early stage technology venture capital investors


The objective it to develop the network into a pan-European entity of relevance for its subjects in terms of its coverage of the potential population of actors fulfilling the criteria for adherence, and secondly to develop the network as soon as possible into sustainability.
The objective of I-TecNet is to enhance the capacity of professional early stage investors to invest in innovative companies and help them to realise their growth potential.I-TecNet facilitates direct interaction between investors in the early stage sector and the building of cross-border personal contacts, fine-tuning investment strategies, enhancing the chances of finding syndication partners and the exchange of experiences on technology, trends and market analysis.

Work Plan description:
WP1: Network management and promotion;
WP2: Good practice workshops;
WP3: Event participation;
WP4: High Tec Cluster Visits;
WP5: HR development;
WP6: research services access.

Funding Scheme

EAT - Exploratory awards (thematic networks)


Uffe Bundgaard-Joergensen Ph.D.
Agern Alle 3
Hoersholm Copenhagen