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To create a successful homogeneous methodology of establishing regional programmes to stimulate the promotion of profitable start-ups in five regions of Newly Associated Countries (NACs) through integration with four EU Member State countries that will offer validation and transfer expertise.

Description of the work:

The Promotor+ project aims to improve the performance of the start-up market in NACs by promoting co-operation between companies and organisations from 4 Member States, (Spain, Germany, Austria and Greece) and the start-up community in 5 regions in the NACs, (Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria and Slovenia). This collaboration will enable the exchange and subsequent improvement of existing methodologies.
As well as creating conditions for an overall framework for a start-up industry, it is hoped that co-operation between NACs and Member States will introduce ways to set up specific mechanisms such as financing solutions, and to encourage the development of university start-ups, corporate spin-offs and regional clusters.

The collaboration within the framework of Promotor+ will involve an initial assessment of the methodologies proposed by the Member States (the donor) and how transferable they are to the NAC (the recipient). If methodologies are found to be suitable, then the aim is for them to be customised so that they can operate effectively in their new environment. Finally, regional work-plans are to be developed to facilitate the scheme's implementation.
The involvement of the regional authorities of the NACs will be crucial to the success of the project. Their responsibilities will include organising the call for proposals, business plan competition, and launching start-ups, monitoring the early stages of business life and assessing the functionality of support mechanisms.
The project will equip regional and public innovation actors with functional mechanisms, with knowledge and with tools to continue the scheme and work towards compatible standards like those in the PAXIS network regions.

To ensure that results of Promotor+ and the key practices derived from the project are well promoted and are delivered to all the relevant parties, dissemination will be carried out on several levels.

This will include:
- Distribution of results through information seminars;
- Marketing and PR activities to create awareness;
- Exploitation of promotional synergies from co-ordination with similar initiatives;
- Using political contacts to enhance the profile of the project.

Milestones and expected results:
- Expertise resulting from collaboration to be streamlined into coherent potential and a manual detailing the methodology of Promotor+ to be produced and distribute to all relevant parties;
- Specific regional work-plans developed from Promotor+ manual;
- Launch of 5 start-up companies in each region to be monitored during the initial stages of development;
- Disseminatory information seminars in each of the 5 regions;
- Publication of a final report detailing the principal tangible conclusions of the project.


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