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To transfer proven and successful university based start-up support schemes to innovative actions in Newly Associated Countries (NACs).

Description of the work:
Innovation and start-up creation in Newly Associated Countries is restricted due to the paucity of support services and the lack of an established infrastructure. This means that there is less co-ordination and co-operation between innovators within NACs and therefore less opportunity to share best practices.

The project aims to transfer existing university based start-up support schemes, having proven their excellence in regional, national and European evaluations, to NACs. Transact will have a strengthening impact on the economic potential and competitiveness amongst the NAC regions, with an aim to improving conditions for the creation and development of new companies.

Initially, analysis by independent experts will determine separately the effectiveness of each support scheme and the special needs / preconditions of the NAC partners. EU and NAC partners, aided by the decision-makers of partner NACs, will then evaluate the transferability of these support models/approaches/instruments to the previously identified special conditions of the NACs. Once the analysis has been completed an assessment will be made on the compatibility between EU support schemes and NAC start-up ventures.

Open Space Conferences
For effective decisions to be made, participants will attend Open Space Conferences (OSCs) which will act as collaborative planning instruments. All the relevant parties will come together in one place, making planning, sharing of knowledge and selection of partners and tools much easier. The initial OSC will act as an introductory forum in which all participants will convene to discuss the conclusions of the evaluation process. At the conference, each NAC partner will be required to select the appropriate instruments, and the experts that will provide experience and assistance needed for their implementation.
To communicate the further needs of the start-up support schemes and to develop an implementation strategy, the individual partners will carry out supplementary open space conferences.

The ultimate aim for the Transact project is to define a detailed transfer methodology for each individual participating NAC university. The methodologies will be recorded and, after the completion of the project, will be applicable to future start-up ventures.
It is necessary therefore, for the results of the Transact project to be disseminated to parties other than the participating universities in the NACs. The results, in the form of case studies, will be made available to all universities and research institutes within the NACs.

Milestones and expected results:
- Production of a report detailing the methodologies and the effectiveness of existing start-up support models;
- Open Space Conference where NAC partners select the appropriate tools and experts;
- Specialised Open Space Conferences held by individual partners leading to a detailed implementation strategy;
- Undertake feasibility studies for the proposals of each NAC university.


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