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Project cluster support - accompanying measure


The PRIDE 1 Accompanying Measure is designed to support a group (cluster) of innovation projects with various aspects of their work over a period of two years. This will be achieved through a series of support measures covering the following:
* Initial meeting with all projects in the cluster
* Creation of a cluster secretariat with e-mail/web communications
* Moderated Planning Workshops for all projects in the cluster
* Continuous "on line" support to projects with a project management software tool for work programme creation and reporting
* A series of seminars/workshops (4 x 2 days) covering intellectual property rights strategies, project management, dissemination, exploitation, marketing, financing innovation and experience exchange
* Visits to projects preparing their 6 monthly reports (circa 18 over 2 years)
* On line telephone and e-mail support on project management, IPR, etc.
* Assistance with all non-technical issues, including dissemination of project-specific results through PR campaigns etc.
* Gathering of reports/information/good practices on non-technical issues to create synthesis reports
* Helping to understand technical issues (through attending workshops and seminars) in the following fields:
- technology supply
- technology validation
- technology adaptation (pilot projects etc.).
In doing so, PRIDE 1 will generate a number of benefits, such as
* Transnational approaches to problem solving
* Contributions to Community objectives, in particular in the areas of innovations and employment, education and training
* Lessons learned from past and ongoing innovation projects


61348 Bad Homburg