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Cost efficient mass production in a closed system for marine aquaculture - design, construction, and management from tank to market


MISTRAL-MAR aims to create new technologies and business processes allowing up to tenfold up-scaling of current recirculation fish farming methods. The project will create an environmentally friendly and cost competitive alternative to alternative and more conventional cage rearing.
The project's technical objectives are the construction of a full scale state of the art fish farm is located in Northern-Iceland, one of Europe's most peripheral regions. The farm will develop new methods in rearing, handling, grading and harvesting of fish.
The non-technical objectives of MISTRAL-MAR include:
-To prepare an operation manual for the recycling system and other staff training material for the fish farm. This material will be used to increase the knowledge level of local labour force on the subject of large scale rearing.
-To construct a comprehensive information technology management system for large scale fish farms that incorporates inter alia quality controls, monitoring of farm, commercial and marketing information.
- Drawing plans for the fish farm and new rearing technologies
- Transfer of biological know-how into the fish farm to define criteria for the growth and well being of the fish, find out optimal fish density in tanks and effects of feeding and external environment on product quality.
- Transfer of know-how ot define the hydrodynamics in annual raceway units and the water treatment units
-Development of technology implementation plan that will combine the commercial interests of the consortium and will be used as a basis for a final business plan.
- Networking in the in the international venture capital society and introduction of a business plan to investors (directly and by participating in Investment forums)
- Analyse the socio-economic impact of a large scale, technically advanced fish farm in a peripheral region with non-diversified economy, relying on traditional sectors of income.
- Dissemination of project results through publications, media, and conferences.


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