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Novel "non-live" vaccine for animal healthcare enabling southern Europe to overcome serious issues in sheep / cattle farming


The project involves the exploitation of a unique and innovative technology as the basis for a new generation of highly efficacious and very safe "non-live" vaccines at the industrial scale.
The technology will provide European industries with the means to produce vaccines of similar efficiency for several important human and animal diseases. The proposed vaccine (BTV-VLP) has already been proven to be highly effective in protecting animals against Bluetongue disease when produced at the laboratory scale.

Bluetongue disease is gnat (insect) transmitted disease of livestock endemic in many parts of the world that now threatens livestock and related economies of southern Europe following recent severe outbreaks in Greece and Italy which are causing thousand of sheep deaths.

The objectives are:
* to upscale production and isolation of VLPs to industrial level;
* to demonstrate the products stability, cost effectiveness, safety and efficiency under controlled environments;
* preparation of dossier for registration / authorisation at international level;
* to investigate other exploitation opportunities based on industrial co-operations, IPR and licensing-out options

The project will provide all the necessary information for the production of highly efficacious second generation vaccines for animal and human welfare and will provide major contributions to the European quality of life and economic performance.
This will be the basis to provide an important boost to European vaccine production.


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