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Regional competence databases and networks for intellectual capital management and innovation in SMEs


The central objective of the project's activities is to further a regional social and business environment which is favourable to the continuous development and success of innovative SMEs and other organisations, by facilitating the establishment of systems for flexible, customised competence development, thus meeting the demands of the emerging "e-society".
It also endeavours to promote regional competitiveness through improved co-operation between SMEs with complementary competence profiles.

The project's work includes the adaptation, validation and further development of tested software and other tools, methods and procedures for the verification, registration validation and development of competence at individual, company and regional levels.
These have primarily been developed and tested in the Swedish province of Blekinge, one of the European ICT regions which is bringing together some favourable characteristics as a test-bed and full-scale laboratory for the application of innovative social and technical solutions to the demands of the emerging "e-society".

A central task for the project is the proper handling of issues of awareness and the identification and common elimination of barriers (cultural and other) and resistance to the implementation of the tools in new environments.
The project includes strong elements of the training of (e.g. qualified experts for the adaptation localisation) and support of the tools and the communication of methods for participatory evaluation and research.


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