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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Transfer and industrialisation of extraction process by controlled instantaneous pressure drop ("détente instantaneé controleé (DIC)")


This project aims at the transfer of the new process of extraction by controlled instantaneous pressure drop DIC to the perfumery, food cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

This technology was the subject of a long research program at the laboratory LMTAI which ended in the definition of a new process of extraction of essential oils and improvement of the extraction capacity of heavier components, e.g. extraction made by pressing, centrifugation or by means of solvents.

This process is characterised by its capacity to couple the very high extract quality (absence of thermal degradation, improvement of the technological aptitudes e.g.) with a low cost. It is also a very friendly process to the environment. However, a good scaling-up requires a more precise activity concerning the process, technology, semi-industrial scale equipment, and also have the extracted material itself (perfume, wood, terpene, pectin, oil of fish, juniper, sesame cream, bioflavonoids from grape juice and pip, coconut mils, tea olive oil e.g.).

The industrial partners, both the users and the equipment suppliers, will gain a strategic technological advantage making them much more competitive.
The technology itself will provide totally novel and low price extraction processes to many different industry sectors.


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University of La Rochelle
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