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Improving PV acceptability through innovative architectural design-development: Demonstration, acceptability study in protected tourist regions


The existing barriers against broad implementation of Photovoltaics are manly non-technical, including design aspects. In sensitive areas under landscape and monument protection the existing PV modules don't meet aesthetic requirements.

The objective of this project is to produce an assessment of the importance of design aspects for the dissemination of the technology, to develop innovative modules for application in sensitive areas and to test possible impact on user acceptance by assessing user and public reactions to selected demonstration objects realised during the project.

Two protected tourist coastal areas (one each in North and South Europe) are the test-beds for the evaluation.
Close co-operation between local communities (demand side), authorities (legal side), SMEs (technical development), research institutes (acceptability study), universities (design) and international monitoring groups will take place.


University of the Arts Berlin (Universität der Künste Berlin)
45,Lietzenburger Strasse
D-10595 Berlin