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Content archived on 2024-05-24

High Speed 3D- and Colour Interface to the Real World


HISCORE will integrate a new approach to high-speed 3-Dimensional image acquisition for the very important mid- distance range and build an affordable real-time 3D and colour camera. This system will integrate off-the-shelf Closed Circuit TV-camera and projection technology and combine it with new 3D- and colour coding schemes and a real-time video processing system to achieve a new 3D camera subsystem. An acquisition time of 40ms or less for both the 3D- and colour images will be achieved. This subsystem will be validated in two application areas: face recognition with relevance to access control and security applications, and hand gesture recognition with relevance to new human-computer interfaces.

HISCORE will develop a very fast 3D and colour camera subsystem based on off-the-shelf CCTV cameras and projection techniques, and integrate these components with new, innovative colour coding techniques. In addition, HISCORE will develop a hardware subsystem for the real time processing of the 3D images and interface it with a PC, develop generic routines for the control of the camera and for real time processing of 3D and colour images. The HISCORE camera subsystem will be validated in two application areas: face recognition and gesture recognition. These applications will serve to measure and demonstrate the performance of the subsystem. HISCORE will promote the new colour coding technology for 3D image acquisition to a wider community of potential user.

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