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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Support for Mediation And bRokering for Electronic Commerce


The objective of the SMART EC project is to create an intermediation platform for the provision of complex services on Internet.

The SMART EC platform will provide the following services:
- As defined above, brokering of services between individual service providers and final users requesting complex services.
- Definition and implementation of the life cycle of a complex service, include the required steps for the service provision and the transactional properties of the service.
- One stop shopping, form multi-items purchases giving access to multiple e-commerce sites. Access to this powerful platform will be possible by three means of WWW terminal.

Work description:
For the understanding of the project, a scenario of usage is presented as an example. References to architectural components are included. A complex service that SMART EC is able to provide can be a holidays' trip. This includes some flight tickets, hotel booking, information on museums and tours, etc. SMART EC will get the request, decomposing it into a number of individual services, according to the models included in the Knowledge and E-Commerce Ontologies module. Each of these services will have its on ontology and properties, but the Virtual Service Layer will combine then according to the properties included in the Process Management module and if the citizen is usual visitor, their preferences may be registered in the User Customisation module. The Broker Platform, according to all this information will call the suitable Contents and Service Providers (CP/SP). The Transaction Management module ensure that transactional properties for the whole service are considered and the E-Commerce Platform will incorporate shop-mart and paying services. Finally, the Contract Management module will incorporate additional conditions if they are required.

- System specifications.
- List of services for the final user.
- List of target scenarios.
- First version of the Architecture.
- First version of SMART EC.
- Feedback on version 1 of SMART EC.
- Second version of SMART EC, including feedback from users on version 1.
- Business Plans for SMART EC.

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