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Content archived on 2024-05-18

Advanced Fractal Companies use Information Supply Chains


Adrenalin deals with multi-party Supply Chain Management in networked enterprises. Adrenalin will enable European industry to increase the efficiency of networked operations by providing user-specific information routing, monitoring and navigational functionality along the value chain. Typically, networked enterprises are function-oriented, which restricts their achievement of real benefits. Adrenalin's objective is to enable process-orientation in networked organisations, while maintaining the benefits of autonomous operation within all units. These objectives will be achieved by employing two very innovative concepts: the Fractal Company and Information Supply Chains. A framework of methodologies, enabling add on software applications and industrial practices will be built to support company's flexibility to adapt to customer needs and corresponding process requirements. The project will employ an Industrial Reference Group to ensure all solutions are tuned to industry's real needs.

The objective is to enable process-orientation, according to which a networked organisation is built along processes. In this respect Adrenalin aims to:

define principles based on Fractal Company concepts, under which modelling requirements will be defined for Information Supply Chains within leading edge enterprises,

determine the general requirements for Information Supply Chain Management by registration of requirements in comparison with best of breed industrial companies,

study modelling requirements for the information flow which occur within these better performing organisations, using the fractal principles in 1 above,

specify and design an architectural model of the information supply chain, based on fractal principles,

specify all technical requirements to build a working model, which will subsequently remain as a reference source,

build, test and validate two practical demonstration models at the User partners, using real-world 'data source' models.

Work description:
Adrenalin addresses Action Line II.2.3. A central part of Adrenalin is to develop models and to demonstrate tools and systems for dynamic networked organisations. These are implicit in both the Fractal Company and the Information Supply Chain concept, whose aims are to generate competitive advantages. Adrenalin contributes also to Action Line II.1.2. It adopts new and innovative approaches to the intangible corporate knowledge of employees and management about relationships and business/organisation practices. It uses this knowledge and experience to improve individual and organizational adaptability. The work applies the twin concepts of Fractal Company and Information Supply Chains to the whole supplier/enterprise/customer info/knowledge assets. The three development pillars of Adrenalin are:

the framework methodologies set up in WP 1. This WP includes all activities and decisions to define the Information Supply Chain concepts for use in Fractal Companies. Design choices and functional specifications will be guided by the analysis of requirements, provided by the industrial test applications.

the enabling technologies set up in WP 2. This WP develops and demonstrates the technological feasibility of building scaleable Information Supply Chains for use within a Fractal Company. It covers all activities, decisions and developments that will result in the prototype solution.

the industrial practices set up in WP 3 and 4 in terms of the two test cases: Test case Hermes is a serial manufacturer of industrial consumer products, developing more and become a provider of additional services around its original products. It must deal with Commodity Supply Management. Test case MINOS, for bidding operations, co-ordinates intra-enterprise information exchange and decision making activities to increase time and cost efficiencies.

The key dissemination/exploitation and project management activities are covered by WP 6 and 7 respectively.

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