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As a continuation of the CHAUFFEUR I project of the Telematics Application Programme, CHAUFFEUR II has two general aims. Firstly, the tow-bar technology demonstrated in CHAUFFEUR I will be further developed into a system that can be transformed into a saleable product quite soon. At the end of CHAUFFEUR II, there will be a "CHAUFFEUR Assistant", that supports the driver and allows him/her to follow another vehicle, not only CHAUFFEUR equipped trucks, at a safe distance. Secondly, CHAUFFEUR II looks into the future. A fully operable truck platoon will be realised. Typical Platoon manoeuvres will be presented in a test track environment. CHAUFFEUR II does not only have technical goals. An important part of the project will be system evaluation on a theoretical and a practical level. Especially cost/benefit analysis and user trials and workshops need to be mentioned.

CHAUFFEUR II builds on the CHAUFFEUR I Tow-Bar function. It will substantially widen the applications by offering truck platooning capabilities and effective driver assistant functions. Platooning strategies will be transferred to the demonstration vehicles and concepts for platoon driving will be developed. The communication concept for platoon vehicle-vehicle communication will be developed together with a safety concept for platoon operations. A three-truck platoon will be realised and demonstrated in test track environments.

As an add-on to the Tow-Bar function, the CHAUFFEUR Assistant function will allow the following of any other vehicle at a safe distance and reduce drivers' workload. The functions can be described as a combination of an advanced adaptive-cruise-control and lane keeping. Sophisticated vision sensors and vehicle control features, such as brake performance, estimation will be added.

Tests and demonstrations of the two CHAUFFEUR II applications will be done on test tracks and in real life environments. The technical developments are complemented by horizontal support functions ranging from HMI work, operational scenarios, cost benefit analyses, system evaluations and simulations until legal implications.

Work description:
CHAUFFEUR has the following technical goals:

develop inter-operable system functions that allow following of any other vehicle at a safe following distance and reduce drivers' workload;
develop lane-keeping function for the trucks and obstacle detection and collision avoidance features;
develop a suitable safety concept;
realise truck platooning function;
develop communication concept for platoon inter-vehicle communication;
develop safety concept for platoon operation;
demonstrate truck platoon on a test truck;
demonstrate/evaluate system functions in a test truck environment and real life situations.
These main tasks are complemented by the following horizontal functions:

Further develop CHAUFFEUR HMIs; system evaluation on theoretical and operational levels;
develop scenarios and conduct traffic simulations;
develop and evaluate concepts for CHAUFFEUR freight logistics;
conduct cost/benefit analysis for CHAUFFEUR II functions;
evaluate user/benefits and acceptance; investigate legal and liability issues;
By the combination of the technical development goals with the horizontal support activities, it is ensured that CHAUFFEUR II systems are truly operable and useful.

The CHAUFFEUR II project will have the following milestones:

June 2000: System design and overall safety concept completed;

June 2001: All system components ready for vehicle integration;

December 2001: CHAUFFEUR II trucks fully equipped and ready for functional testing;

June 2002: Demonstration trucks tested and ready for evaluation of the CHAUFFEUR II applications; public demonstration of CHAUFFEUR II vehicles.

December 2002: Evaluation on theoretical and practical level completed and documented; end of project.

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