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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Marine Environmental Response Data Management and Acquisition using Internet data brokerage


Over the past decade numerous national, European and international programmes have focused on the generation of data on the natural environment. Very little of this large amount of data is actually utilised by the ultimate end user who provides services to the citizen e.g. in support of maritime emergencies (marine pollution, search and rescue). Through the development of an Internet-based Data Broker capable of cataloguing, storing/referencing and accessing of environmental datasets, the user will be able to search for, choose, purchase and download data subsets for their specific and immediate data requirements. The Data Broker technology will be designed as an "open to all" service for data providers and users.

Development of a seamless, minimum intervention link (Data Broker) to allow end users working in the marine environmental emergency application domain to access and use large distributed datasets of environmental parameters.

Primary User/Data Provider Objective: Development of a major 'virtual shopping centre' for environmental data providers and users. This virtual shopping centre will provide near real-time user access to major international datasets with inherent support at user sites for sophisticated end user applications, and simple web browser-based data reader/viewer applications.

Key Technology Objectives: Development of web-enabled neutral formats for environmental data transmission and exchange based on existing standards and improved for temporal knowledge representation and management. This to be combined with the development of web-enabled methods (incorporating e-commerce) to search, extract, compress and transmit the variety of data types routinely encountered.

Work description:
A system design and implementation approach has been developed to meet a number of key considerations:

Seamless linkage between end users and distributed datasets;
Open non-exclusive system for both end users and providers;
User friendly interfaces to the data broker with ease of registration and access;
Accommodation of different methods of end user access;
Structured evaluation and reporting of Data Broker links and usage will be conducted at the three principle user sites (CEDRE, MCED and NC) as well as the principle data provider sites (MO and BMT).

The following prototype components will be developed:

Data Management (including Metadata Database, Data Warehouse, and Data Packaging);
E-Commerce Engine;
Data Broker Interface;
Web-based Data Broker Prototype;
Operational Data Broker Applications.

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