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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Creative`s Rights European Agency NETwork


There is currently no secure environment for authors and producers where they could collaborate in pre-development and development business stages, co-production and world-wide pre-sale regarding European titles of films, TV programs and media-rich interactive works. The CREA Net will create a collaborative and secure environment using new technologies for authors and independent producers. This will consist in a network (CREA Net) of local centres accessible at regional or national level called "CREA Centres". It will combine localised process support for complying with local laws, regulations and uses, thus providing confidence in the local context. The system will provide proximity services (CREA Centre level) and an international distributed hub process support that will give the basis for international collaboration and co-production with a consistent visibility of the CREA Net image world-wide (CREA Net level).

Work description:
The core of the CREA Net project is the design and implementation of a flexible framework allowing the construction of a common rule based trusted environment for both individual CREA Centres and for the CREA Net hub. The security and trust services will be managed by a Transaction Manager Agent, which according to each transaction's context and to a set of operational rules will invoke the relevant services and thus will guarantee the rights of all actors involved in the transaction. This generic framework allows, through the definition of specific rule sets for each implementation, a totally modular security and rights management environment, which will apply to each case within its operational context. The IPR Manager Agent, which will act as a trusted third party to handle all IPR related aspects of transactions.

The Co-Prod Connector which will provide a contextual user interface, dynamically constructed for each user and facilitating navigation and search of objects within the system's databases; the Brainstormer allowing on line interaction and collaboration across national borders within a secured and trusted workflow environment; the Up Stream Marketer which will deploy mixed dissemination mechanisms to feed information about titles in development to international distribution channels.

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