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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Personalised Services for Integrated Internet Information


PSI3 address the problem of the exponential growth of information services on the Internet. PSI3 will investigate innovative techniques to personalise and integrate existing Internet information. It will analyse two different solutions to gather information, a set of improvements over existing information analysis, indexing and processing, i.e. new paradigms on content-based multimedia data retrieval and a set of personalisation features. The results of this project will be firstly, a set of integrated tols accesible to application developers by an SDK, and secondly, three end-user applications which will evaluate and validate the PSI3 technical achievements.

The main objectives of the project are:
- to specify a generic architecture for the development of personalised services for integrated internet information;
- to develop generic components for such an architecture and to standardise the interfaces between these components;
- to search information through Internet by different approaches, and to evaluate mobile agents technology against more traditional robots-based technology;
- to specify and implement three personalised online services as pilot applications based on the generic architecture, namely an information service for the business sector of building and construction, an advanced Internet information search engine and a "highly customised tourism packages" search and delivery application;
- and to evaluate the generic architecture and the pilot applications in several user trials.

The work will be carried out in several phases: Requirements and state-of-the-art analysis: analysis of the technologies to be developed, specially in the fields of information gathering (cooperation and convergence between mobile agents and robots) and information processing (specially for content-based image retrieval), personalisation features and applications requirements.
Tools development: with an UML approach and based on initial prototypes to validate the work;
Tools integration and applications development;
Evaluation of applications and tools.

Key work to be done includes specifications and development of mobile agents and robots-based information gathering, distributed information analysis and indexing, content-based multimedia retrieval content personalisation, user interface personalisation, public information application, tourist application, portal site content provider application, and end-user testing and validation. At the end of the project, three different applications will be achieved, each one based on a different scenario: a "highly customised tourism packages provider", a "document information distributor", and a "general Internet content provider"

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