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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Fashion Shopping with Individualized Avatars


FashionMe aims to enable fashion shopping with individualized avatars in virtual 3D environments. Customers can take advantage of the possibility to generate a lifelike avatar of themselves and use it to test designs and models of clothing in virtual fitting rooms via the Internet. Furthermore there is not only the possibility to try on standard confections but to use the lifelike avatars to order measure-to-measure products from retailers world-wide over tele-service connections like the Internet. All consortium partners are professionals in their working area: technology providers, researchers, software and application developers, and fashion retailers. Together in the consortium a FashionMe virtual fitting room prototype will be developed and presented to the public as a result of the project work.

The FashionMe consortium will develop and produce a concept and toolset of a virtual fitting room which will be scalable for the customers' needs and wishes, and also the technical equipment. FashionMe will offer the possibility of Fashion Shopping with individualised 3-D Avatars interacting and moving in virtual 3-D environments in the Internet, as well as a CD-Rom based 2-D selection toolset, and scalable applications between this high-end and low-end solutions. The main objective is to find possibilities to offer personalised fashion shopping environments to select different styles and models, and to enable the customer to order made-to-made clothing without travelling and several try on sessions. The personal individual avatar gives enough information for the producer to make clothes, that fit.

Work description:
FashionMe will produce a customer application for a virtual fitting room with individualised avatars and animated articles of clothing, which will be sold upon completion of the project as a concept and toolset to suppliers and producers in the fashion industry. Thus, FashionMe will offer the possibility of Fashion Shopping over the Internet, with individualised 3D avatars interacting and moving in virtual 3D environments, as well as a CD-ROM based 2D selection toolset, and scalable applications between these high-end and low-end solutions.
By the end of the project the FashionMe application will be available both on-line, and as an off-line version for the mail-order catalogue market, with the possibility of using the tool Avatar Studio of Canal plus. Using this tool, one can individualise an avatar and then try on fashion items from the CD-ROM Avatarmodell, and also on-line via Internet interactive TV terminals with the PC. Thus, the information and shopping selection of FashionMe will be shown in real time. Alternatively, the AvatarBooth of AvatarMe will be used to supply the customers on the spot with a "genuine 3D-Modell" Avatar and will represent a high-end solution for the clothing market.
- The FashionMe consortium intends to co-operate closely with the consortium of the IST project E-Tailor, since the two research projects complement on another:
- E-Tailor focuses on the general development of standard modules and the linkage of 2D and 3D scan data with the tailoring production.
FashionMe focuses on the interface between customer and provider particularly the creation of realistic colour rendering and animations of people with new clothing, and the development of concepts and tools. Research work on the usability, attractiveness and application of tools and concepts for this market is the central focus point of the project.
With the combination of these two projects in the framework of IST, a unique platform will be developed which will provide a substantial competitive edge in the global market for the European clothing industry. The possibility of offering tailored clothing for the world-wide market with the good reputation and high quality materials and manufacturing of European providers, could open an enormous sales potential for the enterprises involved.

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