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Competence Centre Microactuators


CCMICRO will bring supplier and user communities together identifying and providing services in the field of microactuators providing services in design, R&D prototyping and brokerage in the field of microactuators, microoptics and of microsystems in RF applications. The partners will be the Central Microstructure Facility, UK, FhG-ISiT, Germany, and Sintef, Norway

As part of the EUROPRACTICE Programme to support Microsystems Technology, a Competence Centre/Design House will be set up in the UK and Germany, and support centres in the UK, Germany and Norway.
1. To continue the technical development of the Centre, specialising in but not limited to microactuators, microfluidics and MST processes.
2. To ensure that appropriate industrial design tools are used to build up a standard design methodology.
3. To offer design and consultancy expertise in more commercial processes.
4. To set up R&D Support Centres in the UK, Germany and Norway.
5. To assess and take appropriate action for the Centres to become financially independent of EU support.

Work description:
The work programme seeks to continue the preparatory work done by the partners under Europractice Support for microsystems technology in order to establish an industry orientated, financially independent Design House.
The work programme will:
1. Continue to offer brokerage microfabrication services to existing processes.
2. Gain full familiarity with the new CAD design tools now becoming commercially available on the world market.
3. Develop financial and business-orientated models of MST fabrication and product development, so that the road to financial independence can be established.
4. Develop a business plan for a commercial Design House operation. This work programme will enable an increasing range of brokerage services to be offered to a growing customer base. As the market grows over the next two years, the work will enable the technical and financial aspects of the market to be established.


Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
OX11 0QX Chilton, Didcot

Participants (2)

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V.
Leonrodstrasse 54
80636 Muenchen
The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at The Norwegian Institute of Technology - SINTEF
Strindveien 4
7465 Trondheim