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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Air Pollution Network for Early warning and on-line information exchange in Europe


APNEE's objective is to establish services for human centred management of cities by building a geographic information portal for urban air quality. APNEE will serve citizens as well as professionals, European Authorities (Local and Regional) and relevant European institutes. This portal will provide online visualisation means about real-time air pollution, and special features like discussion boards, online newsletters and early warning systems. Dissemination of information will be based on highly sophisticated technology standards like WAP, GSM, SMS, WEB and GIS. The Project will serve requirements specified in EU-directives relating to citizen information on health threatening air pollutants. APNEE provides an interface to air pollution management systems and facilitates dissemination of appropriate information to affected groups of citizens. The prime focus is on air pollution management, rather than air pollution measurement, forecasting or alert systems. Once APNEE is in place, there will be a dedicated information service to inform citizens on the potential impacts of their behaviour. Rather than broadcasting alarms on air quality (through news media), APNEE aims to increase citizen's ongoing knowledge of air quality and how their behaviour can influence it.

The APNEE project aims to increase the knowledge of citizens on air quality and develop the exchange of information both on a local level in European cities and at normal & regional levels among European institutions. Dissemination of quality information will take place by implementing new communication lines such as mobile telephone functionality, multimedia, electronic panels and the Internet. The APNEE project will integrate new information technologies as additional management modules in existing Air Quality Management Systems in European cities.

Prime objectives are to:
implement an interface to available information on air pollution and design a harmonised classification methodology;
implement user-friendly information services for citizens, public and private organisations, and business communities;
develop the exchange of information among professionals, local and regional authorities across Europe, and relevant European institutions;
introduce and facilitate forecasting of pollution and data modelling. APNEE services aim to become the reference portal for topical and real time environmental air quality information.

User requirements (UR) inventory concerning air pollution warning and information;
Generalised UR methodology analysis for use in all interested EU countries;
Exhaustive "shopping" basket for APNEE related technologies
Detailed market analysis for horizontal and vertical markets;
Detailed technical and functional specifications for online air pollution and warning systems;
General approach for building intuitive interfaces on large amounts of data;
Operational air pollution warning and information system;
Detailed evaluation report;
Overall dissemination and use plan.

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