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Hybrid Access Reconfigurable Multi-wavelength Optical Networks for IP-based Communication Services


A common dynamically reconfigurable fibre infrastructure is proposed, deploying flexible wavelength routing integrated with flexible time slot allocation in a new Medium Access Control protocol. This infrastructure feeds various last-mile access networks, and provides capacity on demand while accounting for Quality of Service requirements of user traffic. An adaptive resource manager supports the MAC protocol, and aligns traffic flows with core and last-mile network capabilities. Both a wireless HIPERLAN2 and a twisted-pair VDSL user access network enabling QoS-differentiated IP traffic will be set up. Novel optical modules will be developed, such as a fast flexible wavelength router. The results of architecture studies and techno-economic analyses will be fed into consensus building activities and standardisation bodies. After being validated in laboratory trials, the system will be operated in a field trial with real users and IP-based QoS-sensitive services.

The main objective is:
to stimulate the convergence of access networks supported by;
- to devise a dynamically reconfigurable fibre-based feeder network infrastructure, supporting a wide variety of last-mile customer access networks;
- to devise a packet-based WDMA/TDMA MAC protocol, offering capacity-on-demand;
- to devise control plane protocols for a range of QoS classes for IP-based services;
- to assess the techno-economical aspects of the system concept and alternatives - developing evolution strategies leading to convergence of hybrid access networks;
- to develop novel optical system modules supporting the WDMA/TDMA system concept;
- to evaluate the key functionalities of the system in a laboratory testbed;
- to demonstrate the viability of the system in a field trial involving real-life IP-based services and real users, and to evaluate the users' experiences;
- to contribute to standardisation processes.

Work description:
The activities are organised in five work packages (WP):
* In WP1 System and Network Architecture, various access network architectures are analysed based on a shared-fibre infrastructure (e.g. PON) feeding a range of last-mile customer access networks (deploying twisted pair, coaxial cable, wireless drops). It is studied how flexible wavelength routing supports provisioning of IP-based services with different QoS classes and how it accommodates strongly varying traffic. Gradual migration scenarios from today's access networks towards these DWDM reference networks are analysed, regarding techno-economical feasibility.
* In WP2 Network Management and Resource Control, the Control Plane for managing the adaptive allocation of the network's resources is designed, and a new medium access control protocol which deploys both the wavelength and time dimension to obtain a fast and efficient medium access.
* In WP3 Novel Optical System Modules, the following modules are developed:
- flexible wavelength router (including fast-switchable gate arrays)
- multi-wavelength bi-directional optical fibre amplifier
- adjustable power splitter and novel ranging protocol for ring network protection
- low-cost ONU (with spectral slicing, or modulation of remotely generated light)
- multi-wavelength Optical Line Terminal.
* In WP4 Last-Mile Access Networks, a variety of customer access networks is studied, focussing on IP-based services with various QoS classes. A HIPERLAN2 wireless interactive broadband in-door access system, and a VDSL system, are adapted to interface with the flexible DWDM fibre feeder network.
* In WP5 System Integration and Experiments, the system modules are tested in a first laboratory set-up. Based on the results, the modules are refined, and subsequently evaluated in a final laboratory set-up. The modules are installed in a field trial, where experiments are run with real users and IP-based services.

- Efficient resource allocation strategies for handling QoS in IP-based networks
- Novel time-and-wavelength MAC protocol for packet-based access networks
- Novel optical system modules for flexible wavelength-routed access networks
- Guidelines for migration and convergence of hybrid fibre access networks
- Field trial with real users and IP-based services, with evaluation providing guidelines for development and operation of DWDM access networks

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