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Content archived on 2024-05-18

DYnamic Inter-Organisational CO-operative NETwork for the Maritime Industry


DYCONET will implement an inter-organisational dynamic network for maritime supply chains. Suppliers are mainly SMEs in the maritime industry. The high change frequency within maritime co-operations requires optimised dynamic networked organisations for further lead time and cost reductions. Existing and project defined co-operation models will be benchmarked. A Data Repository (DR) as a common platform for different applications systems (design / procurement / planning) and a Virtual Enterprise System Integrator (VESI) as a socket for virtual enterprise connectivity will be developed. Component catalogues, which allow the extraction of product data, will be developed and connected to VESI, which enables the integration of supplier's catalogue data into customer's application systems. All developed systems will be integrated into one showcase demonstration.

The project objectives are:
(1) definition of new models for co-operation in dynamic supply networked organisations;
(2) benchmarking of supplier/yard connections;
(3) implementation and utilisation of a Data Repository (DR) common platform for distributed design and procurement departments of yards and suppliers;
(4) development of an Virtual Enterprise System Integrator (VESI) as a "socket" to enable SMEs the access to VE platforms;
(5) development of electronic component catalogues for SM suppliers on web-sites to enable the integration of their product data (procurement and design information) via the dynamic network into the different application systems of the co-operating partners;
(6) configuration of an experimental virtual network to define, implement and prove the support of design and procurement chains by VE technology showcases;
(7) exchange of user experience gained from the implementation of showcases on DYCONET workshops.

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