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Consultative Actions for Constituency Building


NEWEMMSEC will establish an e-business working group and organise three concertation workshops. The output of the working group will be guidance on the content of the workshops and reports on suggested developments for Key Action 2 of the IST Programme. The results from the workshops will be published in book and CD formats. The project will help to establish links between projects and with those working outside Key Action 2; contribute to build a constituency and corporate image for Key Action 2; and help to achieve alignment of strategy between key players.

NEWEMMSEC is a concertation project in the area of Key Action II (KA2) - New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce. Its aim is to contribute to constituency building among projects, development of common purpose and increasing awareness. The objectives of the project are to:

Contribute towards the development of networking among KA2 projects, clustering, synergy and increasing awareness between projects.
Develop awareness and links beyond KA2 projects.
Promote the development of common visions and alignment of objectives among key players.
Provide a framework whereby industry can provide the European Commission with feedback and suggestions for programme development.

Work description:
The project will:

Establish and manage a strategic electronic business (e-business) working group that will be reconfigured on a 12 monthly cycle in order to allow wider participation from industry and the presentation of diverse views.
Organise three annual concertation workshops to provide opportunities for networking and the presentation of KA2 projects as well as strategic, position, and policy oriented papers.
Publish the results of each concertation workshop in the form of a published book and a CD-Rom.
Operate a web site to support the objectives of the project and to promote the concertation workshops.
Issue publicity about the concertation workshops to those within KA2 projects as well as the wider community of potential industrial users.
Promote contacts with industry through contacts with groups relevant to the area of KA2.
The strategic e-business working group will provide guidance and advice on the content and structure of each concertation workshop and will prepare material for the European Commission that can be used for strategy and programme development.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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