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Content archived on 2024-05-15

New-use and Innovation Management and Measurement Methodology for R&D


Rationale research and product development play a central role in the product life cycle. Currently the R&D community faces a growing awareness of the importance of knowledge as the most valuable asset of an organisation. In R&D processes, there is an increasing need to re-use the vast amount of existing knowledge and therefore to minimise the phenomenon of "re-inventing the wheel". At the same time, the balance between re-use of knowledge and innovation is also regarded as a critical contributor to R&D success. Measurement is a fundamental element of any industrial management system, and the challenge is therefore to apply a comprehensive management and measurement methodology for the re-use and innovation environment for European R&D industries.

A sophisticated ICT-based New-use and Innovation management and measurement methodology (NIM3) is to be developed in this project, which will become a reference for European R&D industries. It will be supported by world-renowned experts like Leif Edvinsson who brings a wealth of state-of-the-art knowledge.

The objectives of the project itself will be reached according to a well-proven development process.

The overall objective is to develop a holistic reference methodology for new-use and innovation management and measurement in R&D. NIMCube will provide methods and IT-solutions for measuring, managing and optimising re-use of knowledge and innovation. An early and thorough integration of ICT with means for human resource management and knowledge engineering scenarios will guide this project.

Industrial objectives (IOs):
- A new-use and innovation measurement methodology thus increasing the effectiveness in R&D: IO1
- A reference methodology that ties together many current insights into R&D processes, knowledge management and related subjects: IO2
- Development of a sophisticated IT tool which supports R&D in storing, conveying and measuring knowledge: IO3

Technical objectives (TOBs):
- High level of applicability and acceptance within different, distributed R&D environments: TOB1
- Low cost: TOB2
- High level of native data integration: TOB3
- Provide consistent, non-redundant, transparent information in a highly dynamic, distributed, multi-cultural user environment: TOB4

Work description:
NIMCube will be developed according to the well-proven "Vee" process model, which employs a sophisticated modular structure to achieve a highly iterative project set-up.

Relevant company parameters will be analysed and a best-practice study will be conducted to identify world-class solutions resulting in a requirement definition for NIMCube (WP1).

Based on the requirements analysis, a comprehensive reference methodology (NIMCube) is to be designed for New-use and Innovation measurement and management (WP2). Within this reference methodology modules are to be developed which support the implementation as well as the application of the methodology.

A comprehensive assessment methodology (NIMRAT) will help the European R&D industries to evaluate and improve their current new-use and innovation performance (WP2). In WP3 a New-use and Innovation measurement methodology (NIMeasure) is to be developed, this being a powerful instrument to optimise the balance between New-use and Innovation.

In WP 4 and 5, both the assessment methodology and the measurement methodology will be embedded in innovative IT modules (NIMSoft). A comprehensive implementation handbook (NIMBook) will guide users in implementing the methodology (WP6).

The project management approach considered for NIMCube is based on management plans and techniques, which have been used successfully for previous international projects. The primary aim of this management structure is to be capable of responding to the needs of an IST project without being intrusive or costly. The building-in of flexibility was one essential aspect while defining this structure.

The dissemination will be done in WP8. The dissemination managers will disseminate this outstanding project throughout workshops, conferences and demonstration labs.

A large Industrial Supporter Group (ISG) will be actively involved in any phases of the project.

The scope of the project covers the R&D process both hi-tech companies and service engineering sectors. The project will address the needs both of big global corporations and especially small companies (SMEs).

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